When mini breaks just don’t cut it

The mini break may have made the perfect date for Bridget Jones, but when it comes to employee rights, companies need to make sure they do everything to enable workers to take a full, uninterrupted 20-minute rest break. The warning comes after Network Rail was found to have failed to take the necessary steps to … Read more

Clamp down for employers who call a spade a shovel

Ride hailing app Uber has won attention for revolutionising the taxi business worldwide, but is now grabbing headlines for different reasons, following legal action by drivers claiming workers’ rights. The GMB Union brought the action on behalf of a group of Uber drivers, who are described as self-employed ‘partners’ by Uber.  The action argues that … Read more

Commission Decision Hits Holiday Pay Sums For Employers

As the big summer break gets underway, commission-based employees can expect fatter pay packets on their return following European Court ruling. Sales staff heading for the sun will have a rosier return in future, following a ruling by the European Court that commission payments be considered when calculating holiday pay. The Court has said that … Read more

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