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Clear language is critical in will drafting

Three children have won a share of their father’s £700,000 estate after a hard-fought case that reached the High Court in London. The siblings took action when their father Kenneth Grizzle died and they found they were excluded from his will. They told the court that he was illiterate and he could not have understood … Read more

Contentious Probate

What is contentious probate?

Contentious probate refers to any disputes about an individual’s Estate after they have passed away. This process can be difficult for families and lead to many mixed feelings, but understanding when an estate can be contested can help answer many questions, and make a troubling time less confusing for all. What is contentious probate, and why do I … Read more

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Estate Planning for Blended Families: Navigating Wills and Inheritance

Blended families have become increasingly common in today’s society. As relationships evolve and individuals remarry or enter into new partnerships, estate planning becomes a crucial consideration to ensure the fair and smooth transfer of assets to loved ones. In the context of blended families, where there may be children from previous relationships, navigating wills and … Read more


Cryptocurrency and digital assets in estate administration

Technology has moved very quickly over the past few decades and continues to gather pace, changing the ways in which we live our lives in many different areas. Whether it’s sharing our lives, information and images on social media or using blockchain currencies, the digital landscape is an important part of many people’s day-to-day life. … Read more

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Estate Planning Tips: Social media and other digital accounts

Many of us have social media accounts on various platforms these days. They can be used in a number of ways, whether it’s for sharing photos or news with family and friends, keeping in touch through messaging apps or simply for finding entertaining content. However, very few people consider what might happen with their social … Read more

Why do I need to get a Grant of Probate if a will has been made?

Bereaved families are sometimes surprised that, even though their loved one has been diligent enough to make a will during their lifetime, the executors (those legally responsible for handling a person’s estate – money, property and possessions – when they die and for carrying out the instructions in their will) still need a Grant of … Read more

The life stages that go into legacy making

Record property values and family structures make inheritance planning a growing issue yet research[1] shows that more than half of adults in the UK do not have a will in place, with the figure rising to almost 60% among parents. The researchers also found that of those who had made a will, many who had … Read more

‘Give with Gamlins’ sees staff complete more than 1,000 hours of volunteering

The Gamlins Law team have gone the extra mile to help charities and clients in need. Our staff have completed over 1,000 hours of volunteering and given £1million of pro bono legal advice since launching the ‘Give with Gamlins’ initiative in January last year. Free legal clinics are held every week in Rhyl, Abergele, Ruthin, … Read more

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