The life stages that go into legacy making

Record property values and family structures make inheritance planning a growing issue yet research[1] shows that more than half of adults in the UK do not have a will in place, with the figure rising to almost 60% among parents. The researchers also found that of those who had made a will, many who had … Read more

Property prices help fuel family inheritance court battles

Rising property prices are helping to fuel increased numbers of inheritance disputes reaching the courts, with second marriages another major contributory factor.   Such challenges are no longer the preserve of the wealthy, although they continue to feature highly.  Recent cases hitting the headlines have included the family fall-out following the death of the billionaire … Read more

House Sellers Are Facing Testing Questions

Property prices keep on hitting the headlines but anyone getting their home on the market with the hope of celebrating Christmas in a new place should get the paperwork in order before a buyer knocks on the door. It’s tempting to throw away old papers when spring cleaning or thinking of moving home, but anything … Read more

Property Buyers Play It Safe With No-Nups

Savvy property owners who club together to buy a home are turning to no-nups to safeguard their investment. Whether as a cohabiting couple, or two or more friends clubbing together, a cohabitation agreement, or no-nup, as they now becoming known, can help fix the outcome if things go wrong. And that’s particularly important when contributions … Read more

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