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Clear language is critical in will drafting

Three children have won a share of their father’s £700,000 estate after a hard-fought case that reached the High Court in London. The siblings took action when their father Kenneth Grizzle died and they found they were excluded from his will. They told the court that he was illiterate and he could not have understood … Read more

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Estate Planning for Blended Families: Navigating Wills and Inheritance

Blended families have become increasingly common in today’s society. As relationships evolve and individuals remarry or enter into new partnerships, estate planning becomes a crucial consideration to ensure the fair and smooth transfer of assets to loved ones. In the context of blended families, where there may be children from previous relationships, navigating wills and … Read more

Families who leave court the losers after inheritance claims

Record numbers of inheritance disputes are going through the courts as modern family structures and rising house prices push more families to contest unfavourable outcomes.  Two recent cases which have seen families losing out after legal action include two brothers who have run up fees of more than their entire inheritance by disputing a stepmothers’ … Read more

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