Self-employed or worker? The latest developments in the gig economy row

The number of companies being held to account by their employees/contract workers is growing. First, Deliveroo and Uber were put through the legal mill and their workers gained a slew of rights and assurances. Now, courier and minicab giant Addison Lee is in the gig-economy spotlight, after its minicab drivers gained ‘worker’ status with all … Read more

Complex challenges for employers in the year ahead

Constant changes and increasing complexity have helped make employment law a frontline challenge for business and this year looks set to continue the trend.   The first weeks of January saw Maggie Dewhurst, a bike courier with City Sprint, winning her case to be treated as a worker, rather than a self-employed contractor. The high-profile … Read more

Commission Decision Hits Holiday Pay Sums For Employers

As the big summer break gets underway, commission-based employees can expect fatter pay packets on their return following European Court ruling. Sales staff heading for the sun will have a rosier return in future, following a ruling by the European Court that commission payments be considered when calculating holiday pay. The Court has said that … Read more

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