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Employment non-competes look set to shrink

The Government plans to prune restrictions around non-compete clauses when employees leave to join a competitor or set up a rival business, according to a policy paper just published. Proposals in the smarter regulation to grow the economy policy paper include limiting the length of non-compete clauses to a maximum of three months.  Typically, such clauses are … Read more

Tribunal Decision Shakes Up Personal Use Of Office Email

Employees who use their company account for personal email exchanges get a wake-up call after an employment tribunal ruling that the privacy of such messages is not protected.   An employee has failed in an attempt to have the content of personal messages he sent from his work email account excluded from a disciplinary investigation. … Read more

Verdict On Obese Employees Hangs In The Balance

Against a backdrop of soaring levels of obesity, employers are waiting on the outcome of a European Court ruling which may mean special treatment has to be given to employees whose weight is causing them problems in the workplace. Since 1993, obesity levels have doubled, with statistics1 showing that a quarter of the current UK population … Read more

Commission Decision Hits Holiday Pay Sums For Employers

As the big summer break gets underway, commission-based employees can expect fatter pay packets on their return following European Court ruling. Sales staff heading for the sun will have a rosier return in future, following a ruling by the European Court that commission payments be considered when calculating holiday pay. The Court has said that … Read more

Reducing hours: is it the way to cut costs in the recession?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Responding to the news that some 25% of all British manufacturing companies have already reacted to the recession by cutting the hours worked by their staff, Gamlins believes that employers need to understand the full implications of proposing a pay cut. Of course it is not only manufacturers who are making such requests. Employers … Read more

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