Criminal Law

Criminal Law

It can be worrying to be involved with the police, for whatever reason. The assistance of a professional in these situations is very important to ensure your rights are safeguarded and your case is robustly advanced.

At Gamlins we are fully versed in all aspects of criminal law having amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in defending clients at the police station, Magistrates Court and Crown Court. We have considerable knowledge of defending alleged cases involving Violence, Sexual Offences, Drugs, Theft and Dishonesty, Criminal Damage, Anti Social Behaviour Orders and Public Disorder.

Our solicitors are members of the Duty Solicitor Scheme which covers attendance at the Police Station on a non means tested basis. Legal aid may be available at Court depending on your means and the seriousness of the offence. Gamlins has a very experienced team of criminal defence solicitors and lawyers who have great knowledge and experience of defending serious and complex cases. We have particular experience of dealing with large, multi-handed, conspiracies.

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Conspiracy Offences

If you, or a loved one, have been accused of a conspiracy offence, for example;

  • conspiracy to supply drugs (both within the UK and importing from outside the UK)
  • conspiracy to commit fraud
  • conspiracy to murder 
  • conspiracy to commit theft or burglary

Gamlins can provide you with sound and expert advice and representation through the legal process from the police station to the Crown Court.

Our legal team has recently defended a great number of complex cases to include murder, conspiracies to commit fraud, large scale conspiracy to supply drugs, conspiracy to import drugs into the UK, conspiracy to commit burglary, large scale offences involving abuse of the public’s trust whilst in a public office, human trafficking offences.

Financial Crime & Fraud

At Gamlins we also have particular expertise in defending clients allegedly involved in fraud or financial crime. We have represented many clients accused or charged with high value offences and have earned a reputation for carefully preparing cases in our clients’ defence and robustly defending their interests in Court.

Our solicitors are available around the clock and legal aid is often available to fund your case (subject to means assessment by the Legal Aid Agency).

Gamlins has a strong client base in North Wales, Cheshire and Liverpool but our solicitors are often instructed to deal with cases throughout the UK.

Follow this Link to read a recent article in the Law Society Gazette about our Crime Department.

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