Gamlins Law Increases Support for Families in North East Wales

The region’s largest legal firm, Gamlins Law, has recently expanded its team in Denbigh by welcoming family law expert, Sally Henderson, to offer greater support to families in the area.

Sally Henderson

Solicitor Sally Henderson is a leading UK matrimonial, child law and domestic abuse legal specialist. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Family Law team at the firm’s Denbigh office, a move that will provide greater support for families throughout North East Wales. Sally offers a full Family Law service that supports people during an essentially difficult time. She explains:

“My role in Denbigh is to provide comprehensive support across all aspects of family work. I offer an approachable and affordable service to clients who need time to discuss their situation and find the right resolution as easily as possible. My aim is to provide helpful, realistic advice tailored to the individual needs of our clients.”

As well as providing legal support in all aspects of Family Law, including divorces and disputes, Sally has played an instrumental role in the development of effective working relationships between victims of abuse, the police, law firms and organisations such as the Domestic Abuse Forum and Women’s Aid. Commenting on her work in this area, Sally said:

“When I began practising Family Law, matrimonial issues and domestic abuse were always dealt with in a very formal and matter of fact way. I soon realised that as well as the right legal advice, people experiencing abusive relationships required far more support to ensure their safety and that of their children. At Gamlins Law, we work in the best interests of our clients; we offer a duty of care that considers their wellbeing as well as their legal rights. By working with the police, Women’s Aid and the Domestic Abuse Forum, I can confidently signpost my clients to the right places for the support they need, which will hopefully enable them to move on and live happily in a safe environment. Whatever situation our clients experience, we aim to understand their needs and find the right support to help them move on.”

Commenting on Sally’s appointment, Director of Gamlins Law Ron Davison said:

“Sally is a leader in her field and has worked tirelessly over the years to support not only her clients but also victims of abuse throughout North Wales. Her unparalleled experience and expertise will benefit the community of North East Wales whilst adding immense value to our Family Law team in Denbigh.”

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