prenuptial agreement

Do Courts Recognise Prenups?

The short answer is yes – if the agreement fulfils several conditions. Here we look at the criteria that a court will want to see evidence of before it will enforce a prenup. We also examine recent cases that demonstrate what happens in practical terms if a prenuptial agreement is contested in court. Although the … Read more

divorce settlement

Can I change my divorce settlement?

It is a question we are asked increasingly by clients who have divorced. A volatile housing market, cost of living pressures, increased mortgage costs and inflation are all factors that have an impact on family budgets. So, if the financial picture your divorce settlement was based on has changed, can you go back to court … Read more


Cryptocurrency and digital assets in estate administration

Technology has moved very quickly over the past few decades and continues to gather pace, changing the ways in which we live our lives in many different areas. Whether it’s sharing our lives, information and images on social media or using blockchain currencies, the digital landscape is an important part of many people’s day-to-day life. … Read more

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Estate Planning Tips: Social media and other digital accounts

Many of us have social media accounts on various platforms these days. They can be used in a number of ways, whether it’s for sharing photos or news with family and friends, keeping in touch through messaging apps or simply for finding entertaining content. However, very few people consider what might happen with their social … Read more

under sheriff

Pioneering women in law at Gamlins Solicitors LLP

We have many fantastic female solicitors and legal professionals at Gamlins Solicitors LLP, and we’re always keen to recognise and reward talent, dedication and hard work. We are delighted to announce that our youngest partner, Georgia Duggan Edwards, has recently been Appointed as the Under Sheriff of Gwynedd. Georgia will be providing legal advice and assistance … Read more

non molestation

Guide to Non-Molestation Orders

We are often approached by clients wanting advice about obtaining an injunction against a former partner or spouse when there has been either violence, threats of violence or harassment via messages, social media or through third parties. There is a recent reported case called DS v AC, has brought the issue of non-molestation orders back into … Read more

powers of attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) vs Court of Protection Deputyship Order

Whether this is something that you are considering for yourself or in relation to a family member or another loved one, it is essential to understand the differences between Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) and a Court of Protection Deputyship order. This can make a huge difference to the processes and decisions that can be … Read more

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